Crisis Management and Strategic Planning

Managing political crisis requires a targeted combination of assessment, planning, mitigation and action to minimize consequences, build bridges with critics and shape outcomes. The crisis response and mitigation strategies used by a company can determine the outcome for those affected, including communities, employees and the company itself. Our independent political crisis and response package utilizes diverse tools sets:

  • Know who your stakeholders are identify their core issues in the footprint of the corporate activity;
  • Know at all times what types of reputation risks your company is most subject to;
  • Assess corporate interests in these areas;
  • Open communications, where possible, with stakeholders who live and work in the footprint of operations;
  • Produce Best Practices Reports and Recommended Actions to be incorporated into day-to-day management practices.
  • Produce long-term crisis management and prevention strategies.

Project examples have included responses to:

  • Opposition to carbon fuels production,
  • Opposition to pipelines,
  • Spill response and recovery,
  • Coastal community concerns regarding increases in contamination from shipping.
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