Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR) Practice

Photo by Antia Parlow

With growing stakeholder demand for a “social license to operate,” we deliver comparative advantage to businesses so that they are more able to anticipate, navigate, and respond to the growing trends and specifics in stakeholder demands.

Our CSR practice combines deep, substantive expertise with a network of relationships spanning the range of key sectors and issues on the frontlines of today’s social, labor, environmental and globalization debates.

Our custom-tailored strategic approaches assist management to both identify the crux of a dilemma, develop proactive strategies to improve practice and reputation, and emerge in a stronger comparative position, with a renewed balance of financial and social bottom lines.

We span a range of key sectors along with a network of relationships that supports durable and cost-effective short-medium and long–term strategies that identifies and mitigates social risk, anticipates national trends at both community and national levels, and finds common ground amongst the relevant external stakeholders.

Our objective is to help our clients as they respond to growing demands for performance changes so that sustainability, corporate reputation, responsive practices and brand are inseparable.

We are confident that customized strategies can be produced to contribute both to stronger bottom lines and a better world.

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