Photo by Anita Parlow

The success of a complex humanitarian mission depends upon cohesive linkages of diplomatic action, security operations and relief-to-development activities to achieve a desired outcome.

The Responsibility to Protect strategy brings greater significance to the issue of ‘best practices.’

Our experience includes initiatives to address the following:

  • A primary responsibility of states to protect their own populations from the crimes of: genocide, war–crimes, ethnic–cleansing, and crimes against humanity;
  • The international community’s responsibility to assist states in meeting those internationally accepted obligations;
  •  And, the international community’s responsibility to take timely and decisive action in cases where a state has manifestly failed to protect its own population from what would appear state sanctioned crimes.

Photo by Anita Parlow

Our experience includes participating in initiatives to address the following issues:

  • Planning: The goal is to assist with analysis and development of a framework that better enables government, military, humanitarian and international organizations to respond to crisis situations.

  • Legal Challenges: Regional or national conflicts will likely define the nature and scope of complex humanitarian emergencies. These situations raise trans–border and other legal issues that need be addressed by our team.
  • Land Mines: A high percentage of peacekeepers and on local populations is due to landmine detonations. Post-conflict reconstruction is also impeded, particularly in agricultural areas. And beyond.
  • Reintegration child soldiers. adequacy of exit and transition strategies for post-conflict reconstruction. Coordinate with financial entities, including the World Bank Group, whose involvement is essential to forging peace.
  • Photo by Anita Parlow

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