Services and Solutions

Our Sustain-the-Globe projects and strategies are designed for situations large and small. Clients may require large, complex initiatives that may span geographical regions over months or several years, or, small, specific and local initiatives that seek common ground amongst a variety of stakeholders. Our custom–tailored project packages are designed as fully independent advisories or as supplements to corporate management teams during critical phases when sustainability, corporate social responsibility or crisis management issues emerge. We offer the following professional services to advise and assist businesses, government and non­governmental–organizations in obtaining the all-important ‘social license’ as follows:

  • Assessment of Stakeholder priorities and relations
  • Analyzing Political stability and national conflict
  • Identifying gaps in Rule of law
  • Identify gaps in Labor Issues
  • Assess Community and NGO relations
  • Identify and Implement Indigenous rights
  • Link Environment-community relationships
  • Determine Climate Change implications
  • Identify and Implement Arctic–specific standards
  • Assess trends and gaps in Polar Code implementation.