Agriculture, Sugar and Sugar Ethanol

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Our team has supported sugar industry initiatives worldwide in its response to substantial pressures by non–governmental organizations, U.N. agencies and, increasingly, the market, to accelerate the incorporation of sustainable business practices.

Using the twin benchmarks of domestic and internationally accepted labor and environment standards, our team has assisted
Companies to improve their labor practices. We advised a Caribbean company to improve its social impacts and advised on how to best ameliorate the human cost as the company moved toward mechanization of cane production.

We advised a major D.C. law firm in defining how to define, measure and implement corporate social responsibility and sustainability practices in agriculture. Our approach is to build in–house management structures to implement practices that conform to corporate responsibility, in cooperation with external stakeholders.

Locations include the Caribbean and Central and South America.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Best Practices: Brazils Sugar and Sugar Ethanol Industries

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